The Lakewood Public Schools - 1984: A Compilation of Histories

Development of the Lakewood Schools from 1871 to 1929

Drawing by "Reber" of two students with text "The Public Schools of Lakewood, Ohio." "Sanctified Spending"


Not long ago it was the fashion in educational publications to list “high spots” in a given school system. This bulletin of information does not aim to do that. Perhaps if this were our object, we would most appropriately stress the skill and efficiency with which the first grade teachers help children to master the mechanics of reading or the way in which pupils in the fifth grade learn place names in the geography of the United States or again the way in which the high school prepares effectively its students for college and business life. These things the modern school everywhere aims to do, and certainly they are the “highest spots” in our educational program. At least if they are not, the program of public school education is falling far short of its object. The purpose of this bulletin is rather to show by graph, chart, map, and brief description, some features of the administration and organization of the Lakewood schools and some provisions in the way of housing, equipment, supplies, and personnel that the Board of Education has made in order that the children of Lakewood may have the best opportunity for successful and happy school lives.

The best way to know our schools is to visit them. There is always the possibility that a written account of our achievement and accomplishments may be colored with the prejudice of the teacher’s profession or with a genuine and dominating desire on the part of the writer to see in the schools only the superior things. But that, too, is becoming less and less possible with the development and use of scientific achievement tests and measuring standards, these increasingly accurate meters with which the modern school protects itself against the subjective judgments of its staff. Regular visitation is not always possible, however, for all patrons. Consequently it is felt that this type of bulletin, the first in a series to be issued from time to time, may help to bring to the public information regarding certain phases of the program of public education in Lakewood.

Superintendent of Schools.

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In 1929, Julius E. Warren, Superintendent of the Lakewood Schools, included The Development of the Lakewood Public Schools, 1871-1929 in his Annual Report to the Board of Education.