The Lakewood Public Schools - 1984: A Compilation of Histories


Those who settled the area west of Cleveland, now the city of Lakewood, were stalwart people. They brought with them, and kept, the hearty perseverance required of the pioneers. They believed in value received for effort accomplished. Each generation of Lakewood people, since, has persistently insisted that quality be an ingredient of the community services and the education they and their children receive. Pride in their schools has been both the cause and the effect of the, consistent support by Lakewood citizens for more than a century. This compilation of histories documents this perseverance, pride and support.

Excellent records have been kept of the progress of Lakewood’s educational system from the log cabin school to the schools of the nineteen— eighties. Margaret Manor Butler, E. George Lindstrom and other Lakewood historians and friends of the schools have written superb accounts. We are indebted to them for their foresight.

This compilation of histories of the Lakewood Public Schools is a collection of a few of these accounts and a rich source of information. No attempt has been made to edit the histories, to compare them, or to alter inconsistencies. Each uniquely reflects the school system as its author perceived it.

It is impossible to include all that could be told of the achievements of the Lakewood Schools. Available to an historian of the future are the meticulous public records of the Lakewood Board of Education.

To assure that the histories of the Lakewood Schools do not risk loss, copies of this compilation will be dispersed to the Lakewood schools’ media centers, the Lakewood Public Libraries, and the Lakewood Historical Society. Copies for review are available at the Lakewood Board of Education offices.

Richard A. Boyd
Superintendent of Schools